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  • Metal Veneers Antiquing Solution (Iron/Copper)
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Metal Veneers™ Antiquing Solution (Iron/Copper)

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Metal Veneers™ Antiquing Solution (Iron/Copper) (250ml)

Metal Veneers™ is a specially formulated real metal paint range, guaranteed to be easy to use for even the most discombobulated novice paint user. Our carefully guarded recipe combines real metal elements to provide the very best pure metal finish for patrons with even the most exacting of tastes. 

Our Antiquing Solution allows you to age your copper and Iron metal surface in mere moments – transforming from sleek to aged chic in the blink of an eye, this product will produce green/blue on copper and rust on Iron.

Just add water to the bottle and shake well. 


250ml Bottle

  • Add 238ml of water to this bottle
  • Replace the trigger sprayer lid and screw on tightly.
  • Shake well to mix thoroughly.
  • Leave for 5 mins before use
  • Rub surface with wire wool or scotch pad
  • Spray the solution on desired areas
  • Rub gently with wire wool or scotch pad
  • Dry for at least 1 hour



For details on how to use this product refer to the TDS.