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  • Hydrochrome® Gold Tint (100ml)
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Hydrochrome® Gold Tint (100ml)

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Hydrochrome® Gold Tint (100ml)

Our Gold  Tint Dye is designed to be added to 2k topcoats, mix  - 3g per 100ml of mixed clear coat, this will give a nice lush effect 24 karat gold, or mix in 1 g per 100ml this will give more of a 9 karat gold effect, use this in Hydrochrome® system or our Chromium solvent chrome.

Gold Effect Paint

 Seashell coated in 2k primer then Hydrochrome® was applied, we added 1 g of the dye per 100ml of mixed clear coat to give a light 9K gold look, this product enables you to give a realistic gold effect to any substrate, once you have applied the correct 2k primer. 

Gold Paint UK

Here we coated a toy car in Hydrochrome®, we then applied 3g per 100ml of mixed clear coat, this gives a more of a 24 k gold effect paint, this gold paint has been especially formulated in the UK.

Spray On Gold Paint

This just goes shows to you how easy it is now to get a true gold paint effect on most types of surfaces, gives you a true "spray on gold" at long last!

This can also be used with our solvent based chromium product, you don't get the true reflective surface but more of a foil effect as the pictures below show.



For details on how to use this product refer to the TDS.