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  • Hydrochrome® - Empty - Double Chamber Trigger Spray Bottle
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Hydrochrome® - Empty - Double Chamber Trigger Spray Bottle

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Hydrochrome® - Empty - Double Chamber Trigger Spray Bottle

Using this dual chamber trigger sprayer puts an end to long set up times for those quick silvering  jobs. It's a very cost effective way of silvering, automatically blending A & B as solution is dispensed, to give a nice clean crisp looking chrome effect.

IMPORTANT:  Remember to clean out well after each use.

You will need to use this with our silvering solutions.

The spray on Chrome @ home trigger sprayers are designed for small items. Compared to dual chambered air fed spray guns, the trigger sprayer bottles have a very poor fluid transfer efficiently. When the trigger is pressed, the fluid does not atomise in the same way as a spray gun so therefore require a much larger quantity of silver solutions to cover the same area. See chart below to choose size of solution pack needed. It is an expensive way of applying the solutions but our aim was to produce a system that would enable you to try this product without the initial large set up costs of pressure fed systems. It is ideal for smaller items as it is much quicker to set up and clean out than large pressure fed kits. So what you lose in solutions you gain in time. As we know, time is money.



For details on how to use this product refer to the TDS.