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  • Anti-oxidant Solution 500 grams (makes 10 litres)
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Anti-oxidant Solution (500g)

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Anti-oxidant Solution 500 grams (makes 10 litres)

This product is included in our Hydrochrome® silvering solution kits but should you wish to purchase it separately it is available here. The Hydrochrome® Anti-oxidant solution is a water based solution. It is used as part of the silvering process. This is applied after the silver solutions are applied.

To make 1 litre of ready to spray activator solution you need to add 950g of pure mineral free water to 50g of anti-oxidant. This will have a shelf life of 3 months once mixed. In the pure concentrated form the shelf life is 9 months.


For details on how to use this product refer to the TDS.