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  • Hydrochrome Extreme® To Go Kits (35-40 sqft)
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Hydrochrome Extreme® To Go Kits (35-40 sqft)

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Hydrochrome Extreme® To Go Kits (35-40 sqft)

This intended for professional use only as it contains isocyanides in the basecoat and topcoat and Hydrazine sulphate in the B solution reducer Please read the MSDS data sheet before purchasing. We also recommend you read this before spraying 2k paints


Kit Contents: 

Please allow an extra few days to the processing time as these are manufactured only when ordered.

  • 40 sqft silvering solutions EX1/EX2  -  EX3  ready mixed 2-3 months shelf life

  • Hydrochrome Extreme basecoat (Please state if you need Airdry OR oven Bake) - this requires access to a standard spray gun set up for application

  • Hydrochrome Extreme UV clear topcoat - this requires access to a standard spray gun set up for application

  • 1 x red dual chamber trigger sprayer bottle (for silver solutions)

  • 1x trigger sprayer bottle (wetting agent)  + concentrated  wetting agent                                                           

  • 1 x trigger sprayer bottle (for activator solution)  + pure activator

  • 1 x trigger sprayer bottle (for antioxidant solution)  + antioxidant


Spray-On Chrome UK

Spray on chrome in the UK has become very popular for coating crash helmets, so due to many requests and a bit of practice, we have chrome sprayed a large motorbike crash helmet and visor using our dual nozzle trigger sprayer bottles. We used 170ml of A1/2 solution and 170ml of B solution. This works out that 16sq ft of solutions using a trigger sprayer bottle should easily cover 6 large motorbike helmets depending on the experience of the sprayer. This would not include silvering the visor.

When using the spray on chrome on something this size we would recommend you used a water-based spray gun for rinsing off the solutions.


Coloured Chrome

Once the item has been silvered, you can then add a coloured tint to the topcoat to create a coloured chrome.

Please note: coloured tints are not included in this kit and must be purchased separately.

Please note: while the silvering chemicals can be applied using handheld trigger sprayers, the base coat and top coat require spray gun application. Please read the Technical Data Sheet for full information.