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  • 2K High Build Primer Spray Can (400ml)
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2K High Build Primer Spray Can (300ml)

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2K High Build Primer Spray Can (300ml)

This product is intended for professional use only as it contains isocyanates Please read the MSDS data sheet before purchasing we also recommend you read this before spraying 2k paints

Our 2K high build primer has very good adhesion onto bare metal and most types of plastics, with genuine two pack technology. It has a very quick dry time.

2K spray cans are the latest advancement in paint technology, each can comes complete with curing agent and solvent built into the can, giving a harder wearing, smoother finish, which is more resistant to petrol, sunlight and acid rain. They do not dull down as quickly as conventional 1K cans. Please remember to wear a NOSH approved spray mask as they contain isocyanides.

To release these agents into the can, simply remove the plunger from the can lid, place it over the nozzle.



For details on how to use this product refer to the TDS.